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VentureForth with Eileen Carey, founder & CEO @ Glassbreakers

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Eileen Carey is the founder and CEO of Glassbreakers, an enterprise SaaS company focused on supporting diversity and inclusion as a core business function. Glassbreakers connects employees with resources, mentoring, and a community of peers, making a difference to their enterprise customers’ bottom line today.

In this episode, we learn about Glassbreakers’ unique approach to improving diversity and inclusion, why it is important, the challenges of building software for a new category and selling it into the enterprise, and the effect their technology has had on closing the gender, racial, and ethnic gap in the workplace.  We also discuss how Eileen’s background in high-level PR contributed to building the Glassbreakers community and opened doors to Chief Diversity Officers at Fortune 500 companies.

Learn more about Glassbreakers‘ technology.  They’re hiring!

Follow Eileen on Twitter @eileenmcarey.

Eileen’s Favorite Book: The Collected Poems & How to Murder Your Life: A Memoir

How Eileen Spends Her Free Time: Volunteering at homeless shelters & hackathons


Executive producer & host: Joe Mahavuthivanij

Edited by: Debra Lin

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